Chuck Schumer Screams That People With ‘Automatic Weapons’ Are Trying To Reopen The Country

Courtesy of Def Con News 5/14/2020

In an MSNBC interview, democrat Chuck Schumer claimed that a small number of people with “automatic weapons” are forcing the country to prematurely reopen. Rather than fact-check the Senate Minority leader, host Nicolle Wallace pledged her loyalty to the democratic party and promised to adjust their news coverage to Schumer & Co.’s narrative.

Wallace asked Schumer if he sympathizes with people who are tired of not being able to work and feed their families. Chuck does not.

“If we do it too soon, if we do it without the advice of science, if we let a thousand of people, a few of whom hold automatic weapons, determine what we do, we’ll lose out. Look at what Dr. Fauci said yesterday, he spoke the truth and you can’t ignore the truth in a crisis like this,” said Schumer.

Schumer is talking about the protest at the Michigan capitol a few weeks ago in which some people were legally open-carrying. None of them had “automatic weapons” .

In fact, Schumer went on,:

“You can’t ignore truth, you can’t ignore science. And that’s what Donald Trump — you know, he seems to encourage these small groups. And I do fault the media, 1000 people gather in a state of eight million people and they’re carrying Confederate flags and Nazi flags and all of that — and they’re given a whole lot of attention. They shouldn’t be governing our policy and I understand Donald Trump is egging them on but still,” Schumer said.

Nobody at that protest was carrying Confederate flags or Nazi flags. Photographic and video evidence proves that. .

Schumer and everyone in his party are trying to keep this country locked down and the economy depressed until the November election because they think it will help them win the White House.

In response to Schumer slamming the media for covering the Michigan protest, Wallace said,

“ And we always welcome your media criticisms, I take them to heart… It all starts with telling the truth, I personally appreciate it.”

Wow. That is Nicolle Wallace saying she is sorry that her network dared to broadcast a story the democrats didn’t approve of. It also came with a promise to only air democratic party-approved viewpoints.

It’s not like we don’t know MSNBC and the rest of the liberal media was the propaganda arm of the democratic party, but they don’t usually announce that, opting instead to pretend they are fair and balanced.

And let’s be very clear what that propaganda is. Chuck Schumer and the democrats want to keep the lockdown going and the economy in the dumps for political reasons, and so he is trying to portray the people who want to reopen the country as Nazi flag-waving automatic weapon-toting racist lunatics. These are honest hardworking Americans who simply want to provide for their families.

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