If You Like Socialism Now, You’ll Love it if the Democrats Win in 2020!

by Don Rosenberg, 6/23/2020

Our experiences over the last five months have given all of us a Whitman’s sampler of how Democrats will control your life if they have their way in November.

A. Masks are now required to be worn in many cities and some states – subject to fines and misdemeanor charges. Wearing a mask is supposed to keep you healthy but studies show it can actually be harmful. How do Democrats enforce their rules? Do they arrest you? No – they tell business owners if they admit people without masks they will be fined, lose their business license, or have their water and power turned off. They’ve even set up phone lines for tattling on your neighbors.

B. Criminals have been released from prison “to keep them safe from COVID 19,” while “Reopen our State” protesters are arrested.

C. The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis has led to hundreds of protests and demonstrations, ending up with rioting, beatings and looting. Entire city blocks have been burned and systematic and organized looting has completely emptied shoe stores, clothing stores and jewelry stores – none of which had anything to do with police brutality against African-Americans. Looters, when arrested, are quickly released from jail and in most cases, the charges are dropped. This coincides with the recent enactment of “no bail laws” in many Democrat cities where criminals are released back on the streets to commit more crime and local victims can do nothing. This has led to a major crime wave in these cities.

D. Now they’ve set up a “cop-free zone” in Seattle, Washington where the police are not allowed, with “local leaders” in charge, reminiscent of Muslim “No Go Zones” in European cities. Police, fire and medical services can’t enter without permission and most businesses are closed, with many planning to close permanently. Groups have tried to create similar enclaves in other cities, with no success as yet.

E. Add to that a push calling for the “defunding” of police, with radical proposals being made in Democrat-controlled cities and states across the country.

F. During the pandemic, churches have been shut down, while marijuana stores, liquor stores and abortion clinics stay open. Some businesses were closed while “essential businesses” were kept open. As we slowly “reopen” some are under strict restrictions while others remain closed. Many have closed permanently. Millions are unemployed. Trillions of dollars have been spent to boost unemployment payments and subsidize some businesses, while others get nothing.

G. Protests against these policies have been restricted, while protests against police brutality have been allowed to run unfettered. People are shouting “black lives matter” but no one is talking about black on black crime in major cities that take many hundreds of lives per year. Saying “All lives matter” or posting comments about what’s going on, that’s called hate speech and your Facebook account is closed.

Fairness, common sense, freedom of speech, and law and order don’t seem to be Democrat strong points.


Liberals employ emotion as a tool to persuade people to follow their agenda. Business shutdowns and mandatory mask rules are “to keep everyone safe from COVID-19.”

Protests are encouraged so people “can express their rage at injustice.” Looting is considered “justified by years of discrimination.” Police defunding is because of “systemic police brutality.”

Despite all the best efforts of the mainstream media, these slogans are being exposed for what they are, cynical manipulation of the public to accept Democrat control over all aspects of American life.

If they really mean what they say, they would keep everyone safe from COVID-19 by actually looking at what works and what doesn’t, based on accurate collection of data, not fudged information or arbitrary rules that vary from one state.

People can express their “rage at injustice” peacefully without permitting violence.

Looting is never “justified by years of discrimination.” Discrimination is cured by enforcing the laws that are on the books to prevent it.

Studies show that “systemic police brutality” does not exist, and problems with rogue cops are not cured by defunding or disbanding entire police departments, but with better training and changes to union rules that protect bad actors.


With total control, the Democrats will have the ability to use new laws, rules and regulations to selectively support their base and retaliate against their opposition. They’ve done it before.

This explains why churches have been shut down, while marijuana stores, liquor stores and abortion clinics stay open, why some businesses were closed but not others, and why some protests are encouraged, and others are opposed “for health reasons.”

Social pressure and threats of physical or economic retaliation have built to an intense level where historic statues are being torn down, sports teams are being renamed, and anyone who made a politically incorrect tweet five years ago is forced to resign from their job.


In order to achieve control, Democrats realize they must win the next election by any means necessary. If Trump remains in office, and the Republicans retain the Senate, investigations into Democrats’ recent crimes against their political opponent in 2015 will continue, leading to convictions in the biggest political scandal in US history.

This is why we have seen a constant full court press against the Trump administration from the Democrats in Congress and the entire mainstream media complex. When one accusation/investigation fails another quickly takes its place.

The Democrats know they have a slim chance of winning in 2020 with a candidate who campaigns from his basement and can’t string a coherent sentence together – unless they can tip the scales in their favor. That is why almost all proposed Democrat legislation has included changes to voting laws in the name of “making voting accessible for all.”

They support rules that allow convicted felons their voting rights, assuming most will vote Democrat. Why the insistence on Sanctuary cities and states? To get illegals the right to vote Democrat.

Then, in order to “make it easier for seniors and those in ongoing care facilities to vote” they advocate ballot harvesting and looser restrictions on absentee ballots.

They oppose all voter ID laws so it will be easier for people to vote multiple times.

They hold registration drives that add democrat voters but throw away Republican signups. Republicans then go to vote and find they’re not listed.

But their ace in the sleeve is promoting “vote by mail.” They are doing everything they can to continue the “panic-demic” to make people fear going to a physical polling station. Voting by mail is touted as the “safe alternative.”

Voting by mail is not the same as absentee voting, where voters request a form along with proof of identification. Instead, millions of ballot forms are mailed to every registered voter, regardless of whether they are alive or dead, active or inactive, or currently residing in the district where they are listed. Six states currently allow vote by mail, five have Democrat governors.

Investigations have shown that millions of registrations are inaccurate, L.A. County alone had 1.7 million voters on their rolls that were incorrect. Hundreds of districts have more registered voters than eligible adults.

When ballots are mailed to the wrong addresses, millions will be gathered up and falsely filled out, switching the results of elections in every swing state leading to total Democrat control.

The Democrats will remain in power forever, bolstered by further Soviet-style voting changes that will guarantee they’ll never lose an election again. This is the prize.


A study of cities run by Democrats gives us a clear picture of how they would run our country if they win in November.

Of the eleven Sanctuary States, 82% are run by Democrats. Sanctuary states and cities have higher crime rates, higher homelessness, and greater poverty levels.

The top-ten “most dangerous” cities 100% are Democrat-led. Of the twenty “least healthy” cities, 80% are led by Democrat mayors.

Most of these mayors support higher taxes, more regulations, and looser drug laws, whole opposing law enforcement and cooperation with ICE. Their cities are mired in poverty with a weak tax base and poor infrastructure. They lead the nation in murder, manslaughter, robbery and aggravated assault.

If you like what they’ve done so far, wait until they’re in charge of everything.


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