Is Facebook Evil?

The Echo Chamber

Users only see what they want to see – based on the current algorithm. That means that if one of your friends says something you may not agree with, you don’t see it. You end up with an ever narrower source of opinion and information. You think everyone agrees with you, so you become even more set in your ways…


The leaders at Facebook have been manipulating their algorithm – ostensibly to “protect their users” from “hate speech.” Turns out that any form of speech that is even slightly controversial gets banned or “shadow-banned.” That means you send out a post, but no one sees it. And what a coincidence – 90% of what’s banned is either Conservative or Christian. One of their sources for determining hate speech is the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is an openly admitted propaganda tool for Left-Wing issues.

Data Collection

But one of the most sinister parts of the Facebook model seems innocent at first. They collect not only every bit of personal information they can glean, but every action you take while on their site. Sure, if I am thinking of buying a new car, and I search for different car models, getting an ad on my feed about a Honda Accord for sale in my neighborhood is great. Much better than an ad for feminine hygiene products.

The sinister part is how this information about you is being used to influence how you vote in local, state and national elections.

Let’s say you’re a Conservative and you are in favor of a clean environment. There’s a general election for Governor of your state.

A particular candidate can learn about your most important issue, and tailor an ad that points out some controversy with their opponent – “Joe Smith killed a baby whale!” You click, see a slanted article that doesn’t mention that it was a boating accident and Joe Smith wasn’t even driving, and decide to vote against him.

But Joe Smith might be right on every other issue that’s important to you.

Most people are busy – it takes a lot of time an effort to research all aspects of a particular candidate, much more for all the local and state offices in any given election. These kinds of slanted, targeted ads are the new weapon in manipulating voters, and the political parties will pay big bucks to run them.

And the other Social Media Giants – Google, Twitter, and YouTube, have the same echo chambers, the same censorship, and the same sinister uses of collected data to influence your vote. Their views are almost always anti-American, anti-Conservative, anti-Religion, and pro-Globalist. American values are not a shining city on a hill, but the cause of all evil in the world, ruining the planet, leading to destruction for all.

  1. Understand that you’re being manipulated. What you see on your Facebook feed, or a Google search is not necessarily 100% true or representative of what your friends are saying.
  2. Realize that information is being censored. Don’t just take things at face value. Learn how to go beneath the surface to look for the true facts. Often a search for “Joe Smith whale” will show several articles – one of them (probably at the bottom of the list) – will give the true story.
  3. Get knowledgeable about the candidates you vote for. Read the propaganda from both sides and try to piece together the truth. Look for information that is neutral – like the candidate’s voting record, or articles from the few objective sources you can find.
  4. Learn how to talk with your friends IN PERSON and have civil discussions where you share FACTS and not just bumper sticker slogans and memes you saw on line.
  5. Support alternatives to Facebook and Google. There’s a guy in San Jose, California putting together a pro-American version of Facebook and Google that respects privacy and supports American values. It’s called USA.Life. Check it out.

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