Pelosi to Introduce Bill That Will End Law Enforcement for Good

By Def Con News 6/7/2020

Many on the left, including Bernie Sanders, are calling for the police in this country to be defunded. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have one-upped these liberals by coming up with a bill that would effectively end the law enforcement profession for good. The House Speaker’s reaction to widespread violence is to get rid of all cops, which shows she is clearly on the side of criminals, and her agenda is to completely destroy America.

The Hill reports:

Democrats on Monday will introduce wide-ranging legislation designed to combat racial inequities in the criminal justice system, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced Thursday.

The much awaited package, currently being crafted by members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), will feature provisions designed to eliminate racial profiling, rein in the excessive use of police force and repeal the so-called qualified immunity doctrine for law enforcers, which protects individual officers from lawsuits over actions they perform while on duty.

Those are all typical talking points for cop-hating liberals, which people generally don’t think too much about.  However, if you look at what this stuff really means, it’s horrifying.

Eliminate racial profiling – Okay, I’ll bite. How do you do this? Do you make it illegal for cops to pull over or question suspicious minorities? My guess is yes. This essentially decriminalizes minority crime and forces cops to focus their crime-fighting efforts on white people. This makes no one safer.

Rein in excessive use of police force – Again, how do you do this? Who determines what constitutes excess police force? The answer is the federal government, and that’s not a great thing. The feds shouldn’t be telling cops what they can and cannot do to protect themselves. Being a cop is a dangerous job.  Stripping them of the ability to defend themselves against scumbags makes it an almost certainly lethal job.

Those are bad, but the next one is the worst.

Repeal qualified immunity – What these means is that anytime a cop makes an arrest, he or she is open to a lawsuit that could ruin him or her financially. The simple act of enforcing the law could bankrupt a copfor the rest of their lives.

Who, in their right mind, would ever want to be a cop if it meant that every time they went out, they could be killed because they can’t defend themselves and they could also be sued for doing their jobs?

The answer is nobody. There is not one sane person in the country who would willingly be a police officer under Pelosi’s bill. Contrary to popular belief, cops don’t actually make all that much money, and it’s a dangerous and thankless job. If you add almost certain death and financial ruin to that job description, nobody is going to do it.

Pelosi’s bill effectively eliminates law enforcement as a profession because it makes it as undesirable as a root canal.

It’s not a happy coincidence that Pelosi and the Democrats want to get rid of law enforcement as their end game is to destroy this country. In an America descended into chaos,  it is unclear why they think that they’d still be in charge.  However, Democrats don’t put a lot of thought into their destructive anti-American agenda.

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