Reverend from Georgia Ties Pandemic Panic to Globalism in 30 Minute Sermon

By Don Rosenberg 5/12/2020

Reverend Danny Jones from Northlake Baptist Church in Gainesville, Georgia delivered a sermon in mid-April that summarized the entire history of the Coronavirus Pandemic and tied it directly to Globalism.

Please take a moment to view it here (

It will open up your eyes.

The Reverend, who was pre-med in college, majored in biology and minored in chemistry, used his background to compile a detailed timeline of recent events and identified the people, companies and governments that were tied together to create, promulgate and benefit from the current pandemic.

He started by mentioning the “Hegelien Dialectic,” which was taught by George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, a 19th century German philosopher. He concluded that the human mind only understands things that can be divided into polar opposites – right vs. wrong, good vs. evil, left vs. right. The late humorist, Robert Benchley, used to say: “The world is divided into two kinds of people: Those who divide the world into two kinds of people, and those who do not.”

Reverend Jones explained that there have been forces organized since the 1920’s to create a one world government. He maintains that these globalists have been using the Hegelien Dialectic to prepare us for the new world by presenting us with a problem, a reaction and a solution.

Whether the problem is terrorism, global warming or the coronavirus pandemic, the reaction is fear and panic, and then a plea for someone to come up with a solution – which has been pre-crafted for the purpose.

For global warming the solution was the Paris Climate Accord where the United States would be reduced in power relative to the rest of the world so the European Union could decide future global policies of more and more government control.

He then goes through the coronavirus pandemic timeline from the election of Donald Trump, who opposes globalism and wants fair trade causing the Globalists, mainstream media and Democrats to do everything possible to get him out of office.

Bill Gates seems to now be in charge of the new world order along with the Good Club of globalist billionaires and the attendees of the annual Davos conference in Switzerland.

Reverend Jones details their interest in population control and vaccinations and then shows the interplay among the various governments, government agencies and research groups, large corporations and influential billionaires. Dr. Anthony Fauci is mentioned along with the National Institute of Health.

The first prediction model, which threatened two million deaths and was used as the reason to shut down our country, was developed by the University of Washington, funded partly by Bill Gates.

Reverend Jones claimed that the Cares Act – the bill to aid with the coronavirus, was actually started on January 24th, weeks before the scope of the pandemic was revealed. He also claimed that Seattle volunteers were given a Covid-19 vaccine created by Moderna, and approved by Dr. Fauci and the NIH, when we were told it would take 12 – 18 months to develop one.

On March 24th, Bill Gates said in a Ted Talk, when we trust science to solve the pandemic, hopefully we’ll trust the scientists to solve the climate crisis.”

On March 31st, Gates said the entire country would need to be shut down until June 30th.

Reverend Jones concludes that the pandemic was a manufactured crisis designed to deceive people to accept a radically different world.

He points out that the Center for Disease Control says in an average year there are 39 million cases of the flu with 30,000-60,000 deaths. As of the time of his sermon, there were 70,000 cases of Covid-19 and 35,000 deaths.

He quoted Rom Emanuel’s saying “Never let a crisis go to waste” and pointed out the changes the American people have accepted that may ease us into a globalist mindset…

Using the power of the media and press to panic people.

Accepting the need for global solutions to global problems.

Listening and agreeing with the “experts.”

Accepting the idea of social distancing and home confinement, which prepares us for martial law.

We’ve even been offered hotline numbers to call to report your neighbors who aren’t complying.

The shutdowns have tanked the economy with 22 million jobs lost and a stock market crash, while the government used emergency laws to take over the means of production and is picking which businesses win or lose.

Churches are deemed “non-essential” with gatherings of over 10 people banned. Pastors are barred from visiting hospitals or nursing homes. All services and Sunday schools done on line, which means it’s all recorded.

Fear of contaminated currency is fostering the demand for a cashless society, where all transactions can be tracked.

Part of Globalism is the concept of “Universal Basic Income,” where the government gives every cooperating citizen a monthly check. Presidential candidate Andrew Yang proposed $1,000 per month, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently floated $2,000, even after the health crisis is over.

All of this is preparation for a new socialist society where the people do what they’re told and the elites control every aspect of life.

Reverend Jones finishes by quoting a story from December 2019 from Scientific American magazine that said Gates has funded research to create a biometric tattoo to be applied when children are vaccinated to record their medical history. He wonders if such a tattoo could be used to monitor and control the rest of the world’s population.

At the end he asks “what can we do?” Unfortunately, he seems to feel that “this train has left the station” and there’s not much average people can do. As a Reverend, his recommendation is for his congregants and their families to get right with God.


So what do I take from his well-researched sermon?

I have never been much of a conspiracy theory person, but his conclusions seem very plausible. The interplay among the various government, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, billionaires and politicians is truly frightening. Every item he mentioned on which I did backup research was verifiable.

Although I’m fine with getting right with God, I think God put us on this earth for a reason. I choose to find ways to help my fellow man and oppose evil wherever I find it.

In this case I feel that although a single person can’t stop this conspiracy, millions, armed with the truth, certainly can. Conspirators are cowards and they lurk in the shadows, trying to manipulate us into doing their bidding.

The people who serve them in public office are also cowards and are motivated by greed, or have been blackmailed with information from their past. They also hide in the background hoping to help the cause in quiet ways. When they are exposed, they often retreat.

So my proposal is for people to share this story and realize that we’re being manipulated into accepting our own demise, as a country and as individuals.

The Reopen movement has gained a solid footing in American politics. Housewives and grassroots politicos have started protesting in almost every state, and the media is forced to cover them. While we can’t control what the media says, the word is getting out and more and more people are hopping in their cars to run down to the state capital and honk their horns.

They have also gotten very involved in social media. At my count, there are over 20 Reopen Facebook groups with members totaling over 700,000.

They need to be very careful to set up alternate groups on safe social media platforms because Facebook, YouTube and Google are part of the conspiracy. They are very well known for pulling the rug out from these kinds of groups just as they’re gaining ground.

I have started a free website to support the Reopen movement called I list the Reopen groups and work with the organizers to help them set up safe alternate sites as well as advise them on making their messages clearer and more effective. I also share articles like these and encourage them to privately share sources and information among other administrators.

The other main goal of the globalists is to defeat Donald Trump in November, by any means possible. Their plan is to narrow the election by destroying our economy, which was Trump’s greatest strength and then use voter fraud to cheat their way to victory. California has just announced mail-in elections for 2020 which are notoriously easy to manipulate.

So please help by sharing my articles and support your state’s Reopen group. Oppose mail-in voting as a way for states to cheat in the next election and bring ten friends with you to vote in November.

Finally, if you know the organizers of your facebook group, encourage them to visit my site to work together with other groups.

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