The Takedown of America

By Ray DiLorenzoJune 8, 2020

Putting anger into words is never easy. One always risks exaggeration. I will not do that.

It is normal for political groups in any democratic republic to not agree on the best way to govern. But, in that democracy, when any group will no longer accept the results of an election, and twice in a twenty-year period seeks to reverse that election, you no longer have a democratic republic. We are there.

The battle for America has begun. The snakes in the Democrat Party with the help of Soros and his minions are using their forever reliable useful idiots to do their bidding. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the Left, are fiercely working to finish the job they planned in 2016…a coup, the takedown of America. And Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, the scum in the Democrat Party and some in the Republican Party, and all the other enemies of freedom think they have cause to celebrate.

A coup has only one purpose…Civil War!…a real civil war. The American Civil war was not a civil war at all. It was a war of secession. There wasn’t a struggle for control in Washington. It was a group of states simply wanting out.

To further this coup, Democrats with treasonous elements in our government concocted a Russian conspiracy hoax which is now coming to light as the hoax it was. The rats are scattering, pointing fingers, but they are now using a very unfortunate incident with a stupid police officer and a virus, of all things, as a way to destroy the greatest nation the world has ever seen, and for what? Power!

Donald Trump has not had a moment’s peace since he announced his candidacy, certainly since his election. He received no honeymoon period, no celebration of the transfer of power, no time to become comfortable in his position. Mrs. Trump has been ostracized from any positive media attention. The Left has harassed this President and his family 24/7 with no letup. I have never seen a president so unfairly treated in my lifetime. Please spare me the Obama reciprocal treatment nonsense. There wasn’t any of equal comparison.

Who’s mourning for the 463 people shot and killed in Chicago last year?

In spite of the swamp, Trump achieved results never before seen in our history, making Democrats seethe with anger. He stole their aura of eminence out from under them.

This movement, these protests, this ‘righteous anger’, is based on a LIE! There is no systemic police brutality on blacks or any other group. There is only the occasional bad or incompetent police officer. According to Candace Owens of Prager University, 2018 stats, 9 unarmed blacks were killed by police officers, while 19 whites were killed by police officers. Black men represent 6% of the population but commit 44% of all murders. You have a 25% greater chance of being shot and killed as a white criminal than a black criminal. A police officer is 18 times more likely to be killed by a black person than a white person. Blacks commit 50% of all violent crime while being 13% of the population. How is that for stubborn facts? And now the Left is demanding we defund the police or abolish them altogether. Yes, that’s how crazy it is getting out there.

Look at the riots, how many innocent blacks were killed, injured, or had their livelihoods destroyed by rioters? Who’s mourning for the 463 people shot and killed in Chicago last year along with the 2,292 people shot and wounded, almost all black? In that same year, 147 police officers throughout the country were killed in the line of duty with 185 the year before. Who was the young black that was killed by a drive-by shooting in Chicago recently? What’s his name? You don’t know, do you?

Just a week or two ago, we were told by the Left that ‘social distancing’ needed to continue. Now the rioters are being encouraged by the same people. Social distancing no longer serves their purpose.

The Democrats have created institutions of economic slavery in every major city they control

The Democrats have created institutions of economic slavery in every major city they control, and locking blacks in. Many of them try to become self-sufficient, but get hit with high federal, state, and city taxes, especially in blue states. Because of marginal tax rates, the more you earn, the greater the tax rate. You can earn double that off welfare and go home with the same or less especially when you factor in the costs of the job, clothing, transportation, etc.

The only thing the Democrats do well is make promises and divide people, especially in an election year. The Party of the KKK produces nothing but division and dependence. They refuse to control or even condemn the riots. Can anyone imagine a worse nightmare for the Left than white and black people getting together to solve problems because they love their country?

People like Barack Obama who say that law enforcement is inherently racist are wrong and he knows it. Obama is a cheap political opportunist who may be in deep trouble as the architect of the Russian conspiracy hoax, a coup attempt. These riots and the virus are a diversion that he and his criminal conspirators are instigating and taking advantage of, and they don’t give a damn how it affects the country.

The Left is holding up, as a model of an exemplary citizen, a career, violent criminal, a five or six time prison occupant as the hero of our time. Yes, George Floyd’s death seemed unnecessary, and a failure of law enforcement. I say that because we do not know all the facts, do we? No one has been found guilty in a court of law. Part of the incident is off camera. Yes, the police officers involved most likely need to be punished as the Floyd family needs and deserves justice. But, for responsible persons to say that our nation is inherently racist, evil, and a failed society is more than most Americans are going to put up with.

The anarchists and much of Antifa want anarchy

Is there racism in this country?…Yes. Are we a perfect society?…No. There are none on this planet, but, Americans are a generous and just people. Yes, there will always be racists in this country and every other country. Van Jones was correct when he recently said: “The black community is tired of hearing empty promises of change and they should be more worried about the white Hillary Clinton supporter than a white racist.” Much of the blame should be at the feet of politicians throwing seeds of discontent while hiding their corruption.

The anarchists and much of Antifa want anarchy, a sort of Escape From New York or a Mel Gibson apocalyptic movie, but the forces behind them have a different idea. They will brush Antifa aside and create a socialist, autocratic, tyrannical government, a takedown of America that will squeeze every ounce of freedom from your being. After America has fallen, the rest of the world will follow. The New World Order, with China the preeminent power, is in the wings, ready to take over.

Don’t destroy what you have now before you know what you’re gonna get later.

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