“Vaccine or no vaccine?” That is the question.

The rules for safety in a vaccine must be significantly more stringent than a treatment for one simple reason – a bad reaction to a treatment might impact a million American patients, but a bad reaction to a vaccine might impact 350 million.

For that one reason, the emphasis should be on isolating those most at risk, while finding effective treatment regimens for a disease with such low lethality, especially since recovered patients are considered to be immune to the virus thereafter.

In a recent speech by one of the original America’s Front Line Doctors (AFLDs), Dr. Simone Gold shared their scientific studies and practical concerns about the new vaccine’s safety and effectiveness.

View Dr. Gold’s entire speech, “The truth about the CV 19 vaccine.” Some key points are listed below, click the time links to see that part of her presentation.

1:30 Government agencies have been lying to the public and the NIH says there’s no treatment for COVID.

2:40 Senate testimony stated that most COVID deaths were preventable.

4:50 HCQ has been suppressed as a treatment.

7:40 Dr. Gold was threatened with firing for promoting hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). Doctors were pressured by insurance companies for prescribing it.

14:00 A history of Dr. Gold’s efforts to get HCQ to the public.

AFLDs has set up a system where tele-medicine doctors can prescribe it for you. Link here.

16:48 Survival rates for COVID with no treatment…

Under 20 – 99.997%.  20-49 – 99.98%  50-69 – 99.5%  over 70 – near 95%.  With simple treatment, the rates are better.

17:53 The people who die are mostly at the end of their lives.

21:00 The Lancet Journal study about the harmful effects of HCQ was retracted.

23:00 The vaccines are in the “experimental-investigational stage.” They use new, unproven MRNA technology.

24:20 Previous coronavirus SARS-COV1 vaccines have failed.

25:40 One possible serious complication is “Antibody dependent enhancement” and may cause vaccine recipients’ immune systems to overreact when exposed to the virus.

27:50 Potential fertility problems haven’t been investigated.

30:20 Pharmaceutical companies have been given immunity for all liability.

31:20 There is no proof that the vaccine stops virus transmission. reduces mortality or how long it lasts. It might make people who took the vaccine test positive for COVID19.

33:50 There are serious national security implications of giving an unproven vaccine to millions of healthy people that may cause sudden death, especially to doctors, nurses and military.

47:20 AFLDs official recommendations…

Under 20 – “Because of fertility concerns, low risk from the disease and unknown risks from the vaccine, accepting the vaccine is “prohibited.”

20-70 and healthy – “Strongly discouraged.”

50-70 with pre-existing conditions – “Discouraged” because the vaccine may be more dangerous than COVID when given proper early treatment.

For healthy people 70 and above, and for people with pre-existing conditions in nursing homes. – “Use your discretion.”

51:00 AFLDs’ plans to fight vaccine mandates not just from governments, but from employers, schools, and travel – particularly airlines. They plan to talk with the airline CEOs and present them with a petition with a million signatures saying they will not do business with any company that mandates vaccines.


So what can we conclude about taking the vaccine?

It’s clear that the vaccines are unproven, new technology. Any single one of the dangers that Dr. Gold is considering is enough to cause a rational person under 70 to say “Not now.” People should check with their doctor and see what kind of treatments are available if they were to contract the disease, and if they don’t get a satisfactory answer, look for another doctor!

If you’re over 70 and have significant health conditions, it’s up to your discretion.

We now hear that there are new strains of the virus and we’re not sure if the current vaccines would be effective. We also don’t know how long the vaccines would work or how often we would need to take them.

Ask yourself, “If the worst was true, and the vaccines caused either sterility in women, or sudden death from an overstimulated immune system, what would happen to our country?” We would lose perhaps hundreds of thousands of people, including many of our first responders and military, and many of our citizens would become sterile. It makes no sense to choose an unproven vaccine over a simple malaria drug (and other treatments) that have shown many positive results.

A petition is being circulated by AFLDs to demand that the vaccines not be made mandatory or a condition for employment or airline travel and signers pledge to “actively blacklist and boycott any business, employer, or school that mandates or otherwise attempts to force a vaccine.”

Don’t Play Roulette with My Family’s Health!