6/26/2021 Another Vaccine Adverse Reaction

6/21/2021 Girls Pfizer Jab Reaction: Blind, Deaf, Throat Paralysis, Tremors

6/20/2021 Another Experimental Covid Vaccine Recipient Describes Their Horror Reaction

6/19/2021 Girls Pfizer Jab Reaction: Blind, Deaf, Throat Paralysis, Tremors

6/19/2021 “Pfizer … I Need Help…” Another Experimental Gene Therapy Mrna Jab Adverse Reaction

6/17/2021 Jimmy Dore Speaks Out About His Adverse Reaction To Moderna Mrna Injections

6/16/2021 Uk: Adverse Reaction 20 Mins Post Pfizer Injection Third Person On Same Day!

6/15/2021 Man Distraught Telling The Story Of His Aunt In Icu Having Brain Surgery After Vaccine

6/14/2021 Eric Clapton Severe Reaction To Covid Vaccine

6/13/2021 32 Year Old Son Dies After Taking Vaccine

6/11/2021 Reaction Within 10 Mins -Ambulance Called-Collapsed Stopped Breathing

6/10/2021 Bad Reaction To Pfizer Jab

6/10/2021 Bad Reaction To J&J Jab Lady Speaks From Hospital Bed

6/10/2021 Dee’S Pfizer Reaction – 4 Different Rashes, Limbs Swelling, Blood Vessels Bursting Etc 06/10/2021

6/10/2021 Vaccine Adverse Reaction, Hospitals Filling Up

6/10/2021 J&J Reaction To Jab Lady In Wheelchair J&J Ignoring Her!

6/2/2021 Sanity 4 Sweden’S Brother Passes Away After Talking Vaccine.

6/1/2021 Pfizer Adverse Reaction

5/31/2021 Brother Had To Take Shot For Job Now In Hospital Very Sick

5/29/2021 Ladies Reactions To Astra Zeneca

5/28/2021 French Paramedic Claims Much Higher Interventions For Strokes In Those Vaccinated

5/20/2021 Mother And Sister Died After Taking The Vaccine

5/19/2021 Reaction To Pfizer “Vaccine”

5/15/2021 Here Is Another Bad Reaction To The Vaccine…

5/12/2021 Woman Has Adverse Reaction 5 Minutes After 1St Moderna Covid19 Vaccine Shot Publix Riverview Florida

5/11/2021 Another Adverse Reaction Recorded At Experimental Gene Therapy Jab Center – Natural Causes Right?

5/7/2021 Adverse Reaction To Pfizer Vaccine – Peg – Polyethylene Glycol

5/7/2021 Bethany Documents Her Adverse Reaction To The Pfizer Vaccine

5/6/2021 2 Shots 2 Strokes

5/6/2021 Nikki Suffered An Extreme Reaction To The Covid Vaccine And Is Currently Hospitalised

4/13/2021 Lady Has Aneurysm After Receiving Vaccine

4/13/2021 Woman Speaks About Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Adverse Reaction

4/12/2021 Covid-19 Moderna Vaccine Reaction

4/9/2021 Covid Vaccine Adverse Reaction Testimonials

4/9/2021 Adverse Reaction From The Johnson & Johnson Vaccine !! 04/09/2021

4/8/2021 Ben Stein Gives A Word Of Warning For Those Considering Getting The Coronavirus Vaccine

4/2/2021 Severe Covid Vaccine Reaction (Neurological Damage)

3/30/2021 Nicky Describes Horrific Side Affects From Covid Vaccine. Adverse Reaction.

2/22/2021 Warning !! Covid 19 Vaccine Reaction 10/02/2021 !!

2/14/2021 Kristi Simmonds – Covid Vaccine Adverse Reaction Victim Update And Thanks To Everyone

2/10/2021 The Alleged Condition Of A Teenager After Taking Covid Vaccine / Vaccine Reaction

2/10/2021 A Story Of A Nurse Who Got Vaccinated With The Mrna Vaccine Against Covid 19 / Vaccine Reaction

2/7/2021 Katie Price’S Son Harvey Rushed To Hospital After ‘Dangerous Reaction’ To Coronavirus Vaccine

1/30/2021 There Are Somethings Worse Then Death… Like This Vaccine Adverse Reactions (Not Covid Vaccine)

1/29/2021 Vaccine Reaction North Carolina Nurse Shares Her Story

1/21/2021 Scary: A Healthy Mother’S Reaction After Getting The Covid-19 Vaccine!

1/19/2021 33 Year Old Doctor In Perfect Health Took A Vaxx

1/15/2021 Uk – Cv – 19 Vaccine Reaction.

1/14/2021 Shocking Covid Vaccine After Reaction!! Woman Spasms! Share Far And Wide!

1/14/2021 Another Adverse Reaction. This Time, With The Moderna Vaccine | Shawn Skelton

1/14/2021 Covid Vaccine Reaction – Brant Griner’S Mom

1/13/2021 A New Terrifying Reaction To The Covid Vaccine. Viewer Beware

12/27/2020 Nashville Nurse Describes Her Adverse Reaction To The Corona Virus Vaccine Bitchute Exclusive

12/9/2020 Latest News: Two Nhs Workers Suffer Allergic Reaction To Pfizer Vaccine

2/14/2021 Looking Into The Lives Of 81 People Who Took The J@B/ Reaction On The Corona Mrna Vaccine 04.02.2021

1/14/2021 Hundreds Of Social Media Posts Reporting All Sorts Of Adverse Reaction To The Covid-19 Vaccine

5/28/2021 Er Dr: Adverse Reaction System Isnt Accepting The Cases In Canada

4/19/2021 Dr. Charles Hoffe Describes The Adverse Events Experienced By His Patients Who Took Moderna Vaccine

4/5/2021 Alaska Doctor Describes Health Care Worker’S Allergic Reaction To Pfizer Covid Vaccine 05/04/2021

2/15/2010 “In Order To Create A Sustainable Planet They Need To Eliminate 90% ” – Dr. Rima Laibow (2010)

11/26/2020 Watch Bill Gates’ Reaction To The Question “Is The Vaccine Safe?” – Eng

10/12/2020 Bill Gates. Problem – Reaction – Solution.

6/28/2021 Sen. Ron Johnson With Families On Adverse Reactions To Covid Vaccine | Fox6 News Milwaukee

4/16/2021 Fauci Tries To Explain Why Cases Are Much Higher In Lockdown States Vs States That Ended Lockdown

5/30/2021 Demon Toronto Mayor John Tory Celebrates 48000 Kids Taking The Gene Therapy At Pop Up Clinic

5/21/2021 No Parental Consent Needed To “Vaccinate” Children In Canada

5/16/2021 Rutgers To Now Require Vaccination To Attend University

5/10/2021 Nearly Immediate Adverse Reaction To Moderna Shot On Young Girl | Recorded

4/28/2021 Vaers Report Of Baby Dying After Mother Vaccinated

3/15/2021 Vaccine Reaction?

6/11/2021 Mother Talks About Her Son And Vaccine Bloodclots

6/2/2021 Vaccine Reaction “Tiffany Dover”

5/31/2021 Teenager´S Terrifying Reaction To Covid “Vaccine”

5/21/2021 37 Year Old Ballerina Dead 2 Weeks After Receiving Vaccine

5/20/2021 Nurses Being Threatened To Not Report Side Effects Of Covid Vaccine

5/14/2021 Nashville Woman Partially Paralyzed After Rare Reaction To Covid Vaccine Walks Again

5/6/2021 Woman Describes Reaction To Johnson And Johnson Vaccine

4/28/2021 Paralyzed From Pfizer Covid Vaccine

4/27/2021 J And J Adverse Event

4/23/2021 Pregnant “People” Now Prioritized For Vaccination In Canada

4/15/2021 News Reports Death Just Hours After Receiving Covid “Vaccine”

4/15/2021 School Closed Due To Teachers Getting Sick After Second Moderna “Vaccine” Injection.

3/31/2021 Virginia Man’S ‘Skin Peeled Off’ In A Reaction To Johnson & Johnson’S Covid-19 Vaccine,

3/29/2021 Wife Tells Of Serious Adverse Reaction To C-19 Vaccine In Husband Who Has Lost Use Of Legs.

2/27/2021 Nurse Suffers Serious Reaction After Taking Vaccine Worried She May Never Return To Work Again.

2/10/2021 Tim Zook Is Dead – Another Covid 19 Vaccine Victim / Vaccine Reaction

1/10/2021 Miami_Doctor_Dies_After_Receiving_Vaccine___Mirrored

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