Share your own experience with receiving the COVID vaccine.  Just record your story on your phone and send it to us. We’ll take care of the rest.

Here are some questions you might want to answer.

What is your name (or the first letter of your first name?)

Where do you live – city and state, (or <a big city, small city, rural area> in <state.>)

Did you get the COVID vaccine?

Were you happy to get the shot or reluctant? Why?

What happened after you got the shot? Reactions, symptoms, how long they lasted, etc.

How does your experience make you feel?

What would you now tell your friends about whether they or their children should get the shot?


Here’s a great way to share your video right from your cell phone!

When using FileMail, send your video to

If you have your video loaded to Bitchute, Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo, use the form below to give us the link.

We reserve the right to edit all submitted videos for length, choose which videos to post, and append further information at the end.

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