Trying to make sense of the Coronavirus “Pandemic” a Video Journal from Laura Ingraham

By Don Rosenberg 5/7/2020

Our states have been shut down and our unemployment rate has just reached 14.7%.

With the blizzard of reports, claims and counter-claims, it’s almost impossible to separate fact from hype, national interest from self-interest.

Laura Ingraham of Fox News has done a great service to our country by going directly to the source and talking with experts about the stories behind what’s going on with the pandemic.

Here are some questions and how they were answered in expert interviews…

Why did we shut down our economy? We were told it’s “because of the data” and “If we all don’t stay at home, millions will die.”

Laura asks why Democrat-controlled states are still on Lockdown with so many fewer deaths per thousand than New York.

Why Did States Close? Was it Because of “The Data?”


Or were the shutdowns fostered by the Left’s desire to deprive President Trump of his greatest campaign asset, the booming American economy? Why aren’t the media exploring the possibility that the coronavirus will simply die out, like other recent strains?

State Shutdowns Motivated by Election Year Politics


Are the media telling you the truth, or do they have their own agenda? She says this crisis has exposed the media as leftist control freaks enamored with centralized government control. Dogma has replaced common sense.

Massive Media Bias in Covid-19 Coverage


And now that the curve has started to decline, we are seeing new rules from the CDC on how to report deaths as from COVID 19, even when there is no direct evidence? Why is that?

Laura explains that changing the rules makes no sense. This information is crucial to help us map out future strategies to protect us all. She interviews Dr. Scott Jensen about how doctors are generally instructed how to fill out death certificates.

Are New Rules Overcounting COVID-19 Deaths?


What is happening with the recommended treatments for coronavirus? Why is Remdesivir getting more coverage than Hydroxychloroquine? Laura asks, is Remdesivir safe and affordable? She interviews Dr. Raymond Oskoui. He raises concerns that large pharmaceutical companies have conflicts of interest. Turkey is a model of sensible safety protocols.

Remdesivir or Hydroxychloroquine?


Have governors in the various states overstepped their authority, and what is being done about it?

Kentucky Attorney General Opposes His Own Governor in Shutdowns


Fighting Back Against State Shutdowns


My conclusion, continue to keep an eye on realistic news coverage that explore all angles, instead of just touting the Leftist line of permanent shutdowns and government controls.

I feel the end game, as evidenced by actions from Nancy Pelosi during her delaying tactics for the stimulus bill, is to weaken the President and push new election rules of absentee and mail in balloting, which are notoriously easy to corrupt. What good would it do to reopen your state if you end up losing your rights to an honest vote?

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