By Don Rosenberg, 6/1/2020

On her Thursday, May 28th episode of the Ingraham Angle, Laura Ingraham took on five different “science facts” that have formed the basis for perpetuating the lockdowns across the country and slowing our return to normal life.

She debunks the following theories.

  1. “the second wave of infections is on the way”
  2. “social distancing has a positive effect”
  3. “staying indoors is helpful in deterring the virus”
  4. “wearing masks helps the infected and the vulnerable.”
  5. Finally, she counters the arguments coming from the Left and the Media that hydroxychloroquine is ineffective and likely even harmful while remdesivir is being pushed as the treatment of choice.

All of these issues show how science is being misused in order to promote the Leftist agenda.

I recently heard an interview with a prominent scientist on my local NPR station discussing “science deniers” and why it is so difficult to convince people to agree with the experts.

The conclusion was that only stupid people would disagree with an expert, and the experts need to do a better job of explaining to them.

What they don’t realize is that these “stupid people” are actually quite smart. They know that often there are two or more qualified “scientists” with totally opposite points of view. How can you resolve this kind of conflict without becoming an expert yourself?

They are also smart enough to see what has happened to our education system which creates and funds much of our scientific community. You apply for a grant to do research and if the topic you choose isn’t popular with the people who have the money, you lose your funding.

Obviously if the people with money have a liberal bent, you won’t be getting funding to research how global climate change is a normal course of Earth’s evolution.

But even more important, “stupid people” understand that statistics can be twisted to conclude anything you want, and facts can be manipulated and gathered to support almost any conclusion. This is glaringly obvious as we see stories from doctors on the front lines reporting that they’re being pressured to inflate the numbers and list the cause of death as COVID-19 in every case possible, even if a person dying from a motorcycle accident happens to test positive for coronavirus.

The people with the power and the money are intent on getting the economy shut down for as long as possible, and the way to do this is to insist that the virus will come back in the fall, so we must stay at home. Social distancing means that many businesses will either come back late, or not at all, thereby wrecking Trump’s amazingly successful economy. How can a restaurant that was barely turning a profit before the coronavirus ever recover with only 50% seating or limited hours?

Masks are a clear sign of compliance and social acceptance. And staying indoors because we are being taught to fear going outside is the foundation for the holy grail of the Left’s plan to take back the country from stupid people and a stupid president – “voting from home.”

Twitter is in a war with President Trump over their fact-checking his statement that mail-in voting is fertile ground for voting fraud on a massive scale. They point to studies where absentee voting is safe and hard to cheat.

But the Democrats have suggested massive changes to the voting by mail system, as evidenced by their proposed changes to the laws in Nancy Pelosi’s most recent legislation, much of which has already begun to be implemented in Democrat-dominated California.

Instead of the current absentee ballot system, which requires a voter to fill out specific forms to prove their identity, the Democrats are proposing to mail ballots to EVERYONE on the voter rolls, regardless of whether they’re inactive, ineligible, no longer living in the state, or not living at all.

It is coming to light that in other cities and states where ballots were mailed to everyone “the streets were littered with ineligible ballots,” and campaigns were hiring forgers to fill in false ballots.


The final item is the Hydroxycloraquine vs remdesivir controversy. Ingraham points out that the media is pushing a story that Hydroxycloraquine is ineffective and harmful, where her guest claims it’s extremely effective and can be administered in local clinics instead of hospitals. Remdesivir, on the other hand, was shown in a recent study to simply reduce hospitalization time by a few days.

Why would the effective drug be downplayed while the ineffective drug is promoted? Look to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and Democrats.

Hospitals are paid millions of dollars to care for the COVID-19 patients, pharmaceutical companies want to sell remdesivir and make TRILLIONS of dollars on the upcoming vaccine. If there’s a treatment that costs 50¢ per pill, that’s wildly effective, people won’t need the vaccine.

And Democrats are clearly intent on perpetuating the COVID-19 crisis for as long as they can to continue to cripple the economy and run up the death toll to make Trump look ineffective. And remember, their main goal is to scare people into voting at home by mail, with massive opportunities for voter fraud that can tip the election in their favor.

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  1. Mark McNulty - Reply

    There’s no such thing as “settled science.” In fact, science is a methodology that encourages doubt, insists on demonstrability and observation while its hypotheses are always provisional and subject to change. The mindless appeal to the authority of science is not science, it’s scientism. They are using “science” as a holy writ with pseudo-religious reverence. It’s fraudulent.

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