North Carolina Governor, Roy Cooper, is Violating his State’s Constitution

By Don Rosenberg – 7/6/2020

Citizens in North Carolina are demanding the impeachment and removal of their Democrat governor, Roy Cooper.

In an online petition, they review his recent actions to shut down commerce in the state compared to his duties and authorities under the state constitution…

By restricting citizen movement within the state, he is Violating ARTICLE I Section 1. of the NC Constitution by denying Citizens liberty, the enjoyment of the fruits of their own labor, and the pursuit of happiness.

By making unilateral decisions and issuing executive orders without concurrence of the Council of State he is violating the NC Emergency Powers Act § 166A-19.30.

He has illegally restricted in-state and interstate commerce in an arbitrary manner, closing small businesses, but allowing large businesses to remain open and arbitrarily defining Covid 19 occupancy capacities. He has restricted operations in various state counties, even though their medical data did not warrant a state directed response.

He is manipulating state medical data, leading to improper medical decisions being made by un-elected bureaucrats.

He is violating state Free Speech provisions by selectively prosecuting business owners for publicly dissenting against his actions, by arresting people for peaceful assembly, preventing the exercise and freedom of religion, and restricting the press.

He has falsely imprisoned citizens with his Stay at Home Order under the guise of safety by restricting them to their homes.

He is illegally preventing Citizens access to public services and property.

He is mismanaging the NCDHHS response to congregate living settings, operating outside Federal Corona Task Force guidelines.

He is denying children their right to an education under the NC Constitution, and failing to provide an acceptable alternative.

He has denied 14th amendment rights equal protection under the NC Constitution and is depriving many Citizens of the benefits of trial by jury by the closing of our courts and limiting access by requiring people to submit medical records and wear a mask.

Here is a link to their petition

The level of control in North Carolina is unprecedented, and the response from the Republican-led legislature has been so weak to almost be complicit. The only way to get action is to pile on political pressure.

The NC General Assembly agreed to return on Wednesday for a special session to fight Unconstitutional executive orders issued by Roy Cooper. They will not return again until September.


The Facebook group, REOPEN NC, has over 80,000 members and is organizing a protest on Wednesday, July 8, in Raleigh, starting at 8:00am at the Legislative Building, 16 W. Jones St., Raleigh.

They are also calling for concerned citizens to tie up phone lines and send emails…

Subject: Impeach Cooper

Sen Phil Berger: (919) 733-5708


Rep. Tim Moore 919-733-3451


Add your elected official. For your representative, go to…

House: [](

Senate: [](


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